Dear Visitor,

We're redesigning our page, meanwhile, you can play a space game.

We here at abdoc have been having delightful digital experiences since 2009. We’ve been working on exclusive and technically challenging clients’ projects. And, we’ve also been working on our own projects on behalf of our Source brand.

You will notice that this is only a temporary page. The new abdoc website is now in the process of being redesigned. It's going to be a feast for webdesigner eyes. Meanwhile we made this temporary page and, moreover, a little online space game to pass the time while you are waiting.

Defeat the Universe!

If you ask "Why a space game?" it's because the abdoc name was originally related to a mysterious meteorite. You can read a whole comic about it. This little game has several levels and each one ends with a really strong oponent... Unfortunately you have been labeled as an enemy of the whole Universe. It won’t be easy to clear your name…

We hope you enjoy it!


Yours abdoc team

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